Mental Health

Dismantling Social Stigmas Regarding Mental Health

The challenges of people suffering from mental health are doubling. They have to deal with the hardships of their ailment as well as face social stigma. Stigma is a mark that disgracefully sets individuals apart from others. This mark leads to stereotyping of individuals that later result in discrimination. Social stigma takes four behavioral forms: avoidance, segregated institutions or facilities, coercive treatment and withholding help. All these prejudice treatments increase the mental disorder stigma around affected individuals.


Mental Health Stigma Statistics:

• Out of ten youths, one is likely having a mental breakdown knowing or unknowingly. 

• On an annual basis, one out of four individuals is suffering from mental health problems.

• Over 450 million people worldwide are suffering from mental illness.

• In every set of ten people, nine experience stigmatization and discrimination from the society.

• People diagnosed with mental health problems are perceived more dangerous to themselves than others

• Many folks ...

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